Computer Aided Assessment (GIFT quiz Format in VLE)

I find this session quite difficult to understand. May be this is my first that I am hearing .But this is quite relevant to us in our teaching field. In order to have class test we can use this format .Computer Assisted Assessment is typically formative, in that it helps students to discover whether they have learned what the educator intended and provide timely feedback on how best to teach subject.




Using IT for Lesson Presentation.

A lesson plan is the instructor’s road map of what students need to learn and how it will be done effectively during the class time. Before we plan our lesson, we will first need to identity what kinds of teaching aids that we will be using for presentation. As teaching aids is an integral component in any classroom. Teaching aids are becoming the norm in the classroom. As traditional classrooms with blackboard and chalk become a thing of the past, and smart classrooms become the norm, teaching aids are growing in popularity and advancement.

Teaching aids are improving the quality of education in today’s schools while also providing students with the sense of excitement they desire. Now days Blackboards are being replaced with white and smart boards. TVs are being replaced with LCD projectors and screen. And educators are becoming more focused on students growing with technology and integrating it into the curriculum.



Reflective Journal On Teaching Tools.

Teaching tools help learners to learn effectively. As different tools has different ways of interacting the concentration of the students as well it helps to stimulate their interest in learning.Modern Teaching tools like Blog ,Google Drive, Google Docs and google forms, Wiki,Camtasia ,Audacity eXe and etc. These tools have a high potential for supporting student learning in creative and innovative ways when properly aligned with the instructor’s learning objectives and course content.Such like:

  • Engage in learning.
  • Leading dynamic discussions
  • Peer work
  • Sharing ideas and so on.

Engaging students in learning

Research has demonstrated that engaging students in the learning process increases their attention and focus, motivates them to practice higher-level critical thinking skills and promotes meaningful learning experiences.

Leading dynamic discussions

While “good” discussions can be a powerful tool for encouraging student learning, successful discussions rarely happen spontaneously.The discussion really helps  to address important topics from multiple perspectives, thus increasing students’ curiosity for, and engagement with, course content.

Peer Learning.

Technology helps in peer learning.As they have to work in team and which helps to solve problem.And of course the interaction is the must.


Reflective Journal on the 21st century learning

Educational Technology is all about how learner learns through modern devices like software, wiki, blogging, camtachia and etc. As the pace of change in the 21st century continuous to increase, the world is becoming more interconnected and complex, and the knowledge economy is craving more intellectual property. . Since compulsory primary education was introduced around the world, what children learn and the way they learn has changed dramatically. Different environment has to create to stimulate and engage children’s aptitude for learning. It is critical that we shift our focus from education to life-long learning

Technology dominated value bases component of life. Since the learner are more connected with technology and they tends to forget to deal with five senses of feeling.Techology teaches what to be taught but can’t teach the essence of life. As the technology itself was controlled by the many part and partials of devices.

In a nutshell, the pros of the educational technology helps learner to learn fast, and cons is that they deteriorate the bases knowledge.